Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, VA

Roof Replacement Project 


Cornett & Cundiff, Inc. was responsible for the full-service roof consulting services for replacement of the existing, ballasted, single-ply roof system on all 28 roof levels of the 94,550 square foot facility with a new, fully-adhered, 0.060” single-ply EPDM roof system with a manufacturer’s 20-year total system warranty.

The project, which consisted of multiple roof deck and roof system (insulation/slope) types, required the installation of new tapered insulation and emergency overflow scuppers to bring the building up to International Building Code requirements for slope, drainage and thermal efficiency.

In addition, CCi provided full-time Quality Assurance Observations (QAO) and coordinated the installation of pre-engineered, fall protection devices and post-construction moisture survey of the completed project.

The building remained open to all student activities for the duration of the 9-month project.

Owner: VPI&SU

Owner’s Project Manager:    Linda Hatcher

Contractor: AAR of North Carolina, Inc.
A/E Cost Estimate: $1,384,000        

Construction Cost: $1,051,700

Change Orders: 1 (credit +$12,880 – unused metal deck replacement)        

Completion Date:  2014