Roanoke, VA

Repair Waterproofing System for Main Plaza


Cornett & Cundiff, Inc. (CCi) was hired by the City of Roanoke/Civic Center in 2005 to provide an investigation and feasibility study to determine the source and extent of chronic leaks into the Exhibit Hall spaces directly below the pedestrian plaza.  The feasibility study included a variety of options ranging from complete replacement of entire plaza paver and waterproofing system to limited repair of critical drainage areas. Due to the Owner’s budget constraints, CCi recommended repairs to critical drainage areas including drains, drainage troughs, perimeter flashings and expansion joints. Additionally, the construction documents included an additive bid option to provide new, small and lighter concrete pavers in areas directly above the drains and drainage trough for easy access and on-going maintenance.

In 2012, CCi was once again selected to provide a complete replacement for the entire plaza waterproofing system based on the findings of the 2005 feasibility study. The three phase, twelve part project required a high level of coordination as all areas of the Civic Center remained open to events for the duration of the project. Through weekly progress meetings, the project team coordinated the removal of pavers/paver support pedestals and removal of asbestos containing materials, repairs to existing roof system, installation of a new, 0.115” fleece-backed, EPDM single-ply membrane installed over the existing roof system using a low-rise, polyurethane foam adhesive, 24-hour flood tests to confirm the watertight integrity of the new system and replacement of the paver support pedestals/pavers.

Owner: City of Roanoke/Roanoke Civic Center

Owner’s Project Manager: Charlie Anderson, Office of the City Engineer 

Roofing Contractor: Mountain Roofing, Inc.

Plaza Repair Area:  27,500 sq. ft.

A/E Cost Estimate:  $825,000 (2012 replacement)
Construction Cost:  $667,223 (2012 replacement)
Change Orders: 1 (credit +$10,214.12 – change in number of replacement pavers)

Completion Date: 2005 (repairs)/est. 2015 (replacement)